Water, water everywhere! The importance of hydration for children

Posted: November 5, 2020   •   Posted in: Promotional Products

The importance of hydration for children

How much water do your pupils drink on an average day? A recent YouGov poll suggests nearly one in four secondary school children do not drink water during the school day. That’s over half a million students.

By law, schools are required to provide drinking water for pupils at all times. Often this will take the form of a communal water fountain. But these are often not cleaned regularly enough. And as the research shows, they’re not used frequently enough to adequately hydrate a child anyway. This lack of regular rehydration can lead to health problems and reduced performance in class. That’s why introducing free water bottles for your students could come with a number of benefits.

When thirsty, mental performance deteriorates by 10%. With many children drinking inadequate amounts or no water at all during the school day, performance levels are not at their optimum. Having their own refillable water bottle could encourage pupils of all ages to stay hydrated, keeping their minds and bodies fresh for the entire day.
Not just for everyday use, drinking bottles can ensure children stay hydrated on school trips, field days and sports days.

The waste caused by single use plastics continues to be a big topic in the news. Encouraging your pupils to reuse their own water bottle can increase your school’s green credentials and help protect the environment for future generations. As guardians of the next generation, this is an important responsibility of schools.

The benefits of a water bottle are not just seen in the classroom. Water bottles are often used by big businesses to advertise their brands a task for which they’re equally effective for schools. Personalised with your school emblem, water bottles show your school in a positive light around the local community.

Dehydration can cause other physical problems, such as headaches, constipation and tiredness. It’s a generalisation, but well hydrated children are often healthier, so take fewer sick days. Having the ability to refill a bottle with water may also reduce their intake of fizzy drinks, helping to reduce health problems in later life.

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