Enamel Badges

Quality and durability

Our popular enamel badges are a great way to encourage participation in school events and team activities. We offer a standard range of popular bar badges and shield badges available in four colours, and can also produce your own designs in either soft or hard enamel.

What’s the difference between a soft and a hard enamel badge?

A soft enamel badge is the most common process for producing enamel badges. They offer great value for money with a mid-quality finish. They are ideal for all metal designs including ones with no colour. The badge style is die stamped from a strip of brass, then plated, polished and filled with colour enamel before applying an epoxy coating.

Hard enamel badges offer the best quality due to the durability of the colour enamel fill. They are ideal for complex designs and an epoxy costing isn’t needed as the paint is hard wearing. If your design has lots of colour and needs a quality appearance then this is the ideal badge for you.