School ID Cards

ID cards to help students quickly identify teachers

Apart from the security benefits of being able to quickly identify all adults on school premises, school ID cards also improve communication between staff, pupils and parents.

Just consider the benefits:

  • Photo ID cards put new pupils at ease – staff appear more approachable.
  • Photo ID cards help new members of staff quickly feel part of the team.
  • Photo ID cards make staff look and feel more professional.
  • Photo ID cards are appreciated by parents at parents’ evenings.
  • Photo ID cards set the right image during school visits, inter-school competitions and governor meetings.

Wearing photo ID cards or a name badge is viewed favourably by Ofsted. Our photo ID cards can be printed to show the member of staff’s photo, along with vital information such as signatures, expiry dates, medical training and languages spoken. They can also be coded as an entry key and can include copy-proof security holograms.

We are flexible enough to come up with a solution for all your school ID cards and name badge requirements, whether it’s just one or a thousand!